We offer vendor stalls in two categories which are described below. We maintain our records through email. All requests must include scanned copies of government issued documents allowing the vendor to sell (Ag. Dept. CPC, Health Dept. license, business license, etc.) All new requests to participate are date stamped with the date taken from the email request. All requests expire on the first expiration date of the documents presented with the request.

NOTE: The Venice Farmers' Market is not a swap meet and therefore, NO manufactured or crafted products, musicians, artisans, or non-profit groups are allowed to participate in the Venice Farmers' Market. We make no exception! Do not waste our time or yours trying to change our minds.

You MUST read our Operating Rules before sending a request to participate. By submitting a request you are agreeing to obey and be bound by all rules and regulations as described in said Operating Rules. Keep in mind, the market management is NOT here to teach or train your employees about City, County, State or Federal laws or regulations; this is the responsibility of the business owner.

Your submittal should be emailed to "Waitlist my at symbol VeniceFarmersMarket my dot symbol Com". Please include your current telephone number and name of contact person. We will notify you when space is available; you do not need to follow up on this request.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our community and our Farmers' Market.

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